Terms of Service violation email

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When a customer builds a website that violates our Terms of Service, we need to let them know:

  1. That they've violated one or more of our Terms of Service stipulations
  2. Which stipulation they violated
  3. That we've taken the site down
  4. That we've closed their account (though we have leeway to not do so)

To help speed the process, I've written a template for that email that you can easily edit and send in just a couple minutes. You'll find a link to that in the Resource section below.

Terms of Service violation email

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Subject: Webflow Terms of Service violation

Hi there,

​We’re writing to let you know that the following site has been unpublished due to its violation of the Webflow Terms of Service:

Please delete the site in question or the account used to create this site will also be closed.

Specifically, this site was unpublished because we do not allow the following types of sites:

If you feel you’ve received this notification in error, you can email us at support@webflow.com, or just reply to this email.


The Webflow Team


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Terms of Service violation email

Grab the Google Doc template for the ToS violation email

This is the email we should send to anyone who publishes a ToS-violating site that we're going to unpublish. To use, click File > Make a copy, then edit as needed. The doc provides more instructions as comments.