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We use quotations in a wide variety of ways here at Webflow, and the rules vary a little depending on the type of quotation.

However, here's a few standards that need to be followed with any quotation:

  1. Always get the speaker's permission. Most social platforms require speaker permission for use in marketing. Obviously, short quotes taken from public figures like authors are fine to use without permission, as long as they're properly attributed.
  2. Always attribute. People deserve credit for saying amazing things.
  3. Use ellipses to indicate omitted parts of a quote. Often, a quotation needs a little pruning to be truly awesome. But people need to know you cut something, so replace words you've cut with an ellipsis (...) when the omitted portion appears in the middle of the quote. No need to use ellipses at the start or end of the quote though!

Public testimonials

If someone tweets a particularly great comment about us, use the design captured in this page's hero image, taken from the bottom of webflow.com, which includes:

  1. Headshot
  2. Company name
  3. Testimonial text
  4. A link to the original tweet

Private testimonials

In some cases, a testimonial is provided via email or some other non-public means. In these cases, the design can be flexible, but should always include:

  1. Testimonial text
  2. The provider's name
  3. The provider's role (freelance designer, Head of UX, etc.)
  4. The provider's employer/company

Typically, these sorts of quotes should be wrapped in a <blockquote> tag to give them some visual prominence.

Block quotes on the blog

Because the blog's block quote style features images of the opening and closing quotation marks, you don't need to include them in your quotations.

The attribution line should begin with an en dash (&ndash; in HTML; Option+hyphen on your keyboard) with no spaces, followed by the provider's name, position, and company.

Get or find a cool quote from a customer?

Get their permission to use it, then add it to the Google Sheet linked to in the Resources section below.


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webflow is crazy good. i feel like you guys are the first to build the right UX around styling & CSS. very fine work sir.

–Paul Irish, PM, Developer Tools at Google


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Damn. If Paul Irish likes it, it must be good! Going to have to try this myself.


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