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Use bulleted (aka, unordered) lists where order doesn’t matter.

Use numbered (aka, ordered) lists whenever you need to walk people through a step-by-step process or indicate hierarchy or priority.

If you use a lead-in sentence (like this one), make sure:

Don’t end bullets with commas or begin the last line with and.

Always make sure there's a paragraph break before and after your list, as shown above.


Listicles are blog posts that boil down to extended lists, usually numbered. Their titles should lead with the number of tips/websites/ideas/whatever you're listing, as should each subhead.  

Listicles are best used for "best of," thematic lists (like SEO and Webflow: the essential guide), and inspirational posts.


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The Webflow Designer lets you: 

13 responsive web design tips

1. Use Webflow


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