Hashtags (#)

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The hashtag should only be used on Twitter or in content (snarkily) referencing Twitter.

Use sparingly even then, since it often just serves to give users one more distraction — that is, one more link to click instead of the one we want them to.

A hashtag may be the right choice, however, when:

We do encourage Webflow customers to share their work with the hashtag #MadeInWebflow.

Whenever possible, work the hashtag into the sentence in such a way that it reads naturally, as in the example below.

Hashtags (#)

in use

Check out the beautiful new #MadeInWebflow site of the best content strategy conference around: @ConfabEvents


Encouraging, welcoming, in-the-know, tongue-in-cheek

Readers' feelings

Part of a tradition and community (with #MadeInWebflow)


Nothing yet!