Subject lines

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Email subject lines should be short, descriptive, and sentence-cased. 

They should explain what’s inside, not sell it. That said, some form of benefit statement often translates to good open and click-through rates.

Questions are fine, and often perform very well.

The two most common subject lines we write are for: 

1. New feature announcements

Ex: New feature: <NameOfFeature>

2. The blog newsletter

Ex: 9 UI design tips + free ebook

Obviously, subject lines are perfect subjects for A/B tests, so feel free to experiment with your alternates.

Subject lines

in use

Some of our most-opened subject lines

Webflow CMS as landing page engine + How Webflow powers startup Payable 23.2%

The Future of Webflow in 2015 23.2%

Webflow CMS is here 22.6%

New feature: flexbox 20%

9 UI design tips + 3 design process tools 19.5%


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