Product naming

How we name things

At Webflow, we like things clear, straightforward, and easy to understand.

That preference is reflected in how we name things. We don't go for razzle-dazzle, allusive names that give you no clue what the named thing actually is.

That's why our core products — Designer, CMS, Editor, and Hosting — all just tell you what the product is, without trying too hard. Keep this standard in mind when you're trying to name a new product or feature.

Naming style

Any Webflow product (see below for the list) should be title-cased when referenced in text.

The proper name for each product should follow this structure: the Webflow [Product Name].

However, you only need to use the full official name once per page. Later references don’t need to include the “Webflow” portion.

The Webflow Designer gives anyone the power to design and develop a beautiful, responsive website. That’s because the Designer gives you direct, visual access to the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that powers the web — without you actually writing the code.

The following are official Webflow products. 

Obviously, Designer, Editor, and Hosting have non-productized uses that don’t require capitalization. E.g., when referring to an individual who practices the discipline of design, you wouldn’t capitalize the word “Designer.“

Products vs. features

Our products represent the core, broad use cases for Webflow — design, develop, publish, host, and manage — not detailed functionality.

Each Webflow product encompass a variety of features, which should not be capitalized, except where doing so helps clarify that you’re referring to a Webflow-specific concepts. Examples of the latter are included in the list of products above.

Examples of features within our products include:

These features should not be capitalized. Note that, in general, these refer to generic web concepts we didn’t invent, hence the lack of capitalization.

Referencing UI elements in copy

Wherever possible, avoid referencing specific UI elements in copy.

Instead of saying "hit the save button," just say, "save." Or, instead of "open the Add panel and throw in a div block," say "Add a div block."

If you do need to refer to UI elements, use the names listed below.

Individual elements from the Add panel (div block, link block, etc.) don’t require capitalization, except as noted above.

Title casing rules

Note that we use sentence case in all marketing materials.

These rules should rarely need to be referenced for product names, as they’re generally just two words, capitalized, but here they are if you need them!

Lowercase “minor” words of three letters or fewer, including: