Alt tags

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If an image is purely decorative, it should have no alt tag. Thankfully, Webflow's alt tags default to empty, so if an image is decorative, you don't need to do a thing.

If an image isn't decorative (i.e., contains information important to the reader, as a diagram might), describe its content as clearly and concisely as possible. Note that this may require summarizing (as in the case of a diagram).

If the image contains text (which we should generally avoid), reproduce the text verbatim.

If the image is inside a link tag, describe where the link goes.



Alt tags

in use

The alt tag for the Webflow logo on the marketing site should read "Link to"

A diagram of a site's content model could read: "A diagram of the content model for a bookstore, showing how the author, book, and genre collections relate." 

A photo of a bluebird in an article on finding happiness as a freelancer would take an empty alt tag.


Direct, informative, casual

Readers' feelings

I sure love it when websites bother to alt tag their images!


WebAIM on Alternative Text

Read WebAIM's detailed guide to alt tagging

Alt tagging properly is a surprisingly complex topic with a lot of nuance. I've captured the basics on this page, but there's much more to learn!