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Links should be embedded in clear, specific language that gives the reader a sense of where clicking will take them. Ideally, they should also include keywords relevant to the page you're linking to.

Here's a good structure for linked text:

[Imperative verb] + [noun]

Examples 1, 3, and 4 all follow this structure, and 2 and 5 almost do.

Don’t insert links in generic language like: here, click here, or learn more.

Don't display raw URL links.

If the link triggers a download or video, mention that in, or immediately after, the linked text. See example 3 below.

Links to blog posts and Help Center articles can be embedded either in relevant language, or the actual title of the post. See examples 2 and 5 below.


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  1. Visit our Help Center
  2. Learn how to build a responsive website with Webflow
  3. Download the ebook (PDF). 
  4. Watch the video
  5. Read our blog post SEO and Webflow: the essential guide to learn to optimize your sites for search.


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